Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lazy Sunday

... and Saturday... and Friday

I want to say I've been productive and all that, but that would be a lie.

Yesterday I went to the pottery, handspinning, and art sale. I once again realized I am inadequate, but I also got some Christmas presents so there's that. I also went to this huge antique store and it was really cool but I couldn't stay long. I'm definitely going back this week when it's less busy. I saw some beautiful vintage jewelry - lots of cameos. Is it acceptable to buy myself Christmas presents? What if I say it's so I look pretty at holiday parties? Even if I don't go to holiday parties? No?

I started my mom on Doctor Who this weekend. We watched the first two episodes of the ninth doctor last night. It's almost endearing how excited she is. She can't wait to knit this shawl she found that has the tardis in the pattern. And I'm always okay to watch the series again.

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