Friday, 30 November 2012

Let's Fall In Love

This is literally one of my favourite songs of 2012. I am SO in love with Mother Mother; they are a great Canadian band from out west.

I got the chance to see them perform live on Wednesday night. Besides the fact that I was super excited and a whole bunch of my old highschool friends were there, the club was surprisingly well set up. It's not a place I would ever go to for a bar or club night, but it really worked for the show. The opener, Hannah Georgas, was fabulous and I want to steal all her talent and her hair. She was a great opener for Mother Mother.

When Mother Mother finally hit the stage, the crowd was ready to dance. They were so energetic, dancing along and loving life. It was obvious they were having fun. I danced my heart out!

I think the best part was that after the show they stuck by the merch table and talked to every fan that wanted to chat. I had a good little talk with them and their merch guy. They are so funny and personable - I felt completely at ease, even though I was freaking out. We bonded over our mutual love of clarinets. I am so impressed with the band, they are so down-to-earth and truly thankful to each and every fan.

Live music is a drug for me, I swear. Seen any good shows lately?

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