Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Music is my Religion

"Music is my Religion" - I used to have this on a t-shirt back in middle school. Back then, I was trying to rebel, listening only to music I knew my parents wouldn't like. This included a lot of bad 90s and early 2000s rap and punk. I like to think I've grown up a bit, but I will still always have a soft spot for Rage Against The Machine.

Today I got an itching to pick up my clarinet again. I haven't played in over 2 years, but I used to be quite good. I started playing in school when I was about 12, and I loved it so much my parents got me private lessons and bought me my own wooden Artley clarinet. I loved that baby and played it all through high school. When I graduated high school and moved out of my parents house, I had to decide if I wanted to take it with me. Living in a tiny dorm room with paper-thin walls, it got left behind. I've been meaning to pick up since, but just haven't had the time. I've also been terrified that I wouldn't be able to make a sound, and that scared me into avoiding it.

I picked it up today... and boy, have I missed it. I was surprised how quickly I got back into it. I don't have nearly the stamina I did a few years ago, but after a few minutes I realized I could still hit most of the high notes, even if my tone wasn't great. I think I'm going to keep practicing and see if I can get good again. It really was a great stress reliever, and there's something about the clarinet that just soothes my soul.

Also along the lines of music, I'm going to see Mother Mother next week. They're one of my favourite bands, they're a great Canadian indie rock band from out west. Here's one of my favourite songs, and my current theme song to my life:

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