Monday, 26 November 2012

The Week I Didn't Sleep

Last week was weird. Each night I got a maximum of 3 hours sleep, and two nights (in a row too) I didn't sleep at all. I don't really know why. Other than that, everything else was basically normal, only that I had a lot more free times.

I walked around like I was a zombie or something. I couldn't really think straight, and I caught myself daydreaming all the time. It was a bit weird, I was truly and completely out of it. But I also didn't feel tired. I wasn't drowsy or sleepy - and I never yawned. Weird, right?

Last night I slept 18 hours. That might seem odd to most, but a regular night for me is usually 12 hours. So this wasn't all that different for me, it just seemed interesting after the week I had before. I can't say I'm complaining though, I really missed sleep. Except now I'm yawning as I type this. Interesting how that works out.

I think I'm going to go have a nap now.

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Dawn said...

You seriously sleep like, 12 hours? Holy cow. That is so long! Goodness. 18 is definitely a good nap, and you certainly needed it. When I was in journalism--and especially at college--I barely got any sleep. There were so many late nights with coworkers. We would have to get up early and go to class and then do it all over again. It was hard, and I know I walked to class red-eyed and blurry-faced after some of those nights. Sleep is definitely a precious thing you need. Hopefully your body will cooperate soon!