Wednesday, 21 November 2012

"What Would You Do?"

I'm currently watching an interesting show called "What Would You Do?" They create situations to challenge people and what they would do. This episode features two actors playing an interracial couple, and another actor playing a bigot who tells them how "disgusting" their relationship is. The bystanders are quick to come to the defense of the couple, calling the man "racist" and "ignorant".

Being a white woman myself, I know I won't ever have to worry about racism affecting how people see me. However, I work everyday to question things and make sure my personal biases (as everyone has them) don't affect how I view the world and how I act. I was really disappointed to find out that my brother went as a "Mexican" for halloween this year. First of all, I don't know how you can even dress as a race or ethnicity. The fact that he played up every stereotype in the book is offensive on its own. My brother is a lost cause though, even with me sending him multiple links about how it's offensive, showing him positive examples, and asking him how one would dress up as a white person, he refuses to see reason. It was really frustrating for me, as someone who often speaks out against sexism, to have person so closely related to me don an offensive costume.

Although I could just be getting angry because I tried to tell my mom that I was tired of getting harassed on my way to class. Instead of trying to calm me down, my brother storms in and tells me he understands it exactly because someone told him to get a haircut once.

Or am I just overreacting?

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