Friday, 28 December 2012

Some of My Favourite Movies of 2012

2012 is finally coming to a close, and I couldn't be happier. This year has been a really terrible year for me, but I saw quite a few good movies. Here is my list of favourite movies that came out this year. I'm not going to number them because I can't rank things to save my life, but I'll list a few them.

Moonrise Kingdom: the quirky tale of two young lovers who choose to run away together. I loved everything about this movie, but I especially covet Suzy's whole wardrobe!

Beasts of the Southern Wild: a beautiful film about young Hushpuppy living in the bathtub. I loved the cinematography, and I adore young Quvenzhan√©, who played Hushpuppy.

Chronicle: an amazing sci-fi movie about three teenagers who acquire weird powers. I actually really liked the style of "found footage" (even though I haven't seen Cloverfield yet). Michael B. Jordan is also so attractive in this movie.

Perks of Being a Wallflower: based on the classic book, a movie not about how highschool is, but how it should be. As one of my favourite books, I was surprised when I loved the movie. Parts were difficult to sit through, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Life of Pi: another movie that was based on one of my favourite books. I was impressed with this movie, especially by the way they did the tiger. Heartbreaking, but awe-inspiring.

Magic Mike: okay, this movie isn't going to win any awards or stimulate your brain, but it was certainly entertaining. I have such a thing for Joe Manganiello that I knew I would love any movie where he strips mostly naked in. Hilariously terrible acting, very little plot, with an ending that didn't really end anything. Enjoy it for the hunky men.

The Avengers: superheroes at their best. Although I didn't see this movie until it was well out of theatres, I still really enjoyed it. It was fun, action packed, and entertaining.

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his little lady said...

Moonrise Kingdom and The Perks of Being A Wallflower are definitely some of my favorites!
xo TJ