Monday, 31 December 2012

The Worst Year

2012 was not a good year for me. I am so happy I'm finally done with it. However, there were some better moments sprinkled in there.

From January to March I was in the hospital. I finally got released for my birthday, and spent it at home where I could finally eat solid food again. I had an out-of-control St. Pattys (never again) and ended up in the hospital again the next day. But it got better after that.

By April, I was discharged and went back to work, having taken a semester off. Working was boring, but at least kept me occupied and made me some money. I got a hedgehog on April 2nd! Her name is Luna and she is the love of my life (I'm not kidding). Life got infinitely better after her addition.

May to August was just me working. Nothing interesting really, but my coworkers were great. At the end of August I went to KOI festival, a local music festival and saw some of my favourite bands.

In September I went back to school. I slumped along, with my friends helping me out. I lived at home for the first time, which was not fun with my brother at home too. I also went to the Casbys (Canadian Artists Selected By You) in October and had a blast. I also saw Mother Mother in November.

Broke my hard drive in December - lost all my pictures from this year. Passed my exams (just barely), but had a great Christmas.

Tonight will be awesome though, spending it with my best girl in my new best dress.

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