Sunday, 27 January 2013

Changing Your Dreams

When I was in highschool, I loved business. Coincidentally, I didn't really know a lot about it, but I liked the idea that if I got a business degree I was promised a decent job in a wide variety of industries.

I'm three years into my 4 (now 5) year business administration bachelor. Needless to say, I am so much less impressed with what I have gotten myself into. I still like the idea of my program, even if I do dislike so many people in my program - including the profs. I like that I'm learning things that could come in handy should I become an entrepreneur. Although it feels like I'm alternating between super hard classes I'll never understand and classes that basically seem like common sense.

It's no secret that I'm a huge pop-culture junkie. Besides being a Little Monster, I follow most silly reality shows. I'm easily entertained by celebrities, and I'm really excited that it's award season. I've always considered this as kind of a side hobby - no one has ever taken my love of Lady Gaga and Honey Boo Boo as anything more than a waste of time.

I was watching Much Music last week when I saw that they were advertising for their VJ search. This year, they're doing a reality show to find the new VJ who will help host, interview, blog, tweet, and talk on Much Music. Back in highschool I briefly thought "hey, that would be a cool job", but I was never old enough. Now I am. However, I've never pursued anything relating to media or even anything close to what would be entailed.

So now I'm confused. To enter, you just fill out a profile and upload a short video showing off your creativity and why you should be their next VJ. I'm worried that it will be like business again, that is, I'll think it's awesome until I'm actually doing it. I mentioned it to my brother, and he simply said I'm too boring to even be considered.

My question is: should I attempt this? Should I put the effort into making a video? Or should I just go back to watching the Kardashians?

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Dawn said...

DO IT. Don't allow yourself room for doubt. In the end, you'll have more regret for NOT trying; if you do get the position and am underwhelmed, you know you did your best, that you tried. That you worked hard, that you were determined to try something and expand your opportunities. I'm only a couple years out of school, but I can tell you that I regret the things I didn't try, rather than the things I did make an attempt at. And, really, people have all kinds of interests. I know a successful marketing person I went to school with, but her hobby is a pop culture blog with movie reviews and all that. You have to find a good mix of what you love and like--something that uses your talents. So, DO IT. Good luck!