Monday, 14 January 2013

Rejection City

Started my new classes this week. Nothing interesting to report.

However, I met with a counselor at my school last week. I thought that maybe they would be able to hook me up with the accessible learning centre. Nope, they just thought I was "too serious" for the basic counselor, and that I need "very major" help. So that was my last free option... which wouldn't be a big deal if I had insurance or coverage. Nope. Completely at a loss of what to do now; even the professionals can't help me anymore.

Time to get drunk

Celebrated my friend's birthday last weekend. It was fun besides the fact that I ruined my Night Litas. Seriously, look at these babies:

Rain does NOT help anything. I mean, they're not destroyed, but the have enough scuffs to make baby hedgehogs weep.

Celebrated his birthday by making bad decisions... go me!

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Dawn said...

Those are possibly the most insane shoes I have ever seen. I would attempt to take a step, and would then completely collapse and fall flat on my face, Petrificus Totalus-style.