Thursday, 31 January 2013

Twitter Twatter

This week I made my twitter public. I figured it's probably a good idea to have a public social media profile for my application to be a VJ (see previous post). I submitted the first part of the application.... I still have to make a video but I made a huge first start (go me!)

Anyway, I have officially made my twitter public, and you can find me @kendarr

I also got retweeted by a kid who guest starred on one of my favourite shows. Have you seen Haven yet? It's an awesome Sci-Fi series filmed in Canada that's based on a Stephen King book. Anyway, I have a super huge crush on Eric Balfour. I mean, look at this guy!

So on the season finale, there's a kid who plays a younger version of his character. Of course, I fell in love at first sight. He's not really famous, but he favourited and retweeted me so I definitely felt star struck. He lives near me too.... 

So yeeeah... follow me if you want to see me complain about midterms and rant about randoms. Also, I promise to follow back so there's that

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Dawn said...

I love those little moments on Twitter. It's so crazy--to have your thoughts commented on and retweeted by people you never would've been able to communicate with in real life. I had an interaction with R.L. Stine once, and was star-struck by that one.

I hope that the rest of your application goes well! Any ideas for the movie yet?