Friday, 1 March 2013

Good Morning March

Today I stumble into March. February went by super fast, I can't believe March is here already. I'm hoping March will be just as good as February, but I doubt it will be. Here are my goals for the month:

  • Pass this midterm tonight! Accounting is rough...
  • Pass my two midterms next week
  • Celebrate my birthday in style with good people
  • Complete my assignments with better results than last time
  • Try out a Meetup, they seem cool and I'm curious
  • Restart my workout routine if I stop feeling so queasy all the time
Obviously I'm setting my hopes high for March, but I think it's about time I stop coasting and actually aim for something.

And here's Luna right before she sneezed. She looks so silly, I can't help but laugh.


Laney said...

Hey. found you thru

thought I'd follow you. hope you'll follow me back.

Is Luna a hedgehog or am I wrong?

hope you have an awesome weekend.

Laney said...

Hey hun. back because I couldnt figure out how to add you on blog and anything else. so come add me and let me know how I can follow you. i'll save your blog link in my faves with the other blogs