Monday, 13 January 2014

My Adventure with Broadway Nails imPRESS Manicure

A few months ago I got a pack of Broadway Nails imPRESS Manicure from Inflluenster, and with the busy holiday season I only just got around to trying them out.

I received a box of Holla! And while they looked neat in the box, overall I was disappointed.

They were super easy to apply, but I had trouble because my nails are already pretty long. These fake nails aren't made for people who have long nails; they were too short and often didn't reach the end of my real nails. I filed mine down and made them fit, but I wouldn't do that again.

Once I had them all on, they looked good (not real, but good). I wore them out for about an hour before the first one fell off. I figured it was just a dud one, and I stuck another one on.

Not a dud! Within a day, all of them had flaked off. It wasn't like I hit them off something or that I was doing anything particularly challenging with my nails. They just... fell off. I was not impressed. At least they didn't damage my nails.

They can be pretty expensive, and I definitely wouldn't pay full price for them. If I'm going to an event that'll only be for an evening or something, I might consider wearing them.

I really just don't recommend them though.

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Dawn said...

I had very much the same thing happen to me with those exact same nails awhile back. I felt like I had wasted the money, which was unfortunate. For me, though, I had problems finding ones that were wide enough to fit my nails! I don't know. It's just easier for me to leave mine blank ... I still have a bad habit of biting them, even in my mid-twenties. Anyway, I'm glad I stopped by. I don't know if you'll see this or not, but I wanted to wish you well. I was cruising through some of my old blog posts and saw some comments that you had left, and so I was curious to see how you're doing and what you're up to. I hope you're doing well and that life is treating you with happy surprises! Take care!