Friday, 14 November 2014

Anberlin: The YahooLive Stream

Last night, one of my favourite bands Anberlin, livestreamed their concert in New York City. While watching bands live is always my favourite, watching them live in my living room is a close second.

I curled up on the couch, and hooked my computer up to my tv to watch the whole thing on the big screen. The band played a whole bunch of hits, mixing it up from their previous shows. This is their final tour - they only have 11 concerts left as a band before calling it quits. That might be why it's so powerful, and it might be why so many people tuned it to watch.

The livestream was well done; they only started 2 minutes late. At first, you could tell the cameras weren't sure what to look at, but they quickly got it together. It was a fun show, with some crowd shots and you could hear the crowd singing along (my favourite part). The cameras focused so much on Stephen though, it was kind of disheartening. I wanted to see more of the whole band, not just the lead singer - despite the fact that he's so amazing. I love the band as a whole, and I would have liked more than one or two shots of Nate.

The biggest complaint of everyone (we have a little Anberlin community - #fangirl) was that they cut the livestream before the encore. Anberlin always does an encore of *Fin, and it's one of the most powerful songs they've ever written. It's a fan favourite, and it might be one of the best parts of the concert.

Yahoo stopped filming and cut the stream the moment the band stepped off the stage. They didn't turn the cameras back on when the band inevitably came back for one last song. It ruined my night, and what I was looking forward to the most was that final ending song.

The livestream was great. But it says a lot about Yahoo and the fact that they didn't know enough about the band to know that they always do an encore. It was disappointing, and I really feel like we didn't get the full experience. They probably should have asked the band for a setlist or something so it wouldn't have happened.

I still love the internet, and I love that I got to see my favourite band live in my living room before I see them live for real next week.

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