Tuesday, 11 November 2014

New Blog Focus: Social Media

This blog hasn't been used in waaaayyy too long, but I figured I'd make use of it now anyway. Afterall, it does have my name up there at the top.

As part of my Marketing and Social Networks class, I've started a different blog under a different name. I've decided to merge these two together, that way when this one comes up (it's like the second page of results from my name) it's actually relevant stuff. It's especially good because I've decided to go into social media marketing (for now), so I'll actually be blogging for interest as well.

The next two posts are ones that I took from my social media blog. All posts before this one (from years ago) are less focused and are more about personal life stuff. I'm going to keep them there, partly as content and partly as a personal time capsule, but I urge you to read them with a grain of salt (if you're going to read them at all).

As always, comments are always welcomed.

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