Monday, 1 December 2014

My Inbox is Exploding

My inbox is exploding.

It does this every year. I'm apparently on so many mailing lists, and every store is having a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale. Stores I don't think I've ever bought anything from. Stores I've never even visited (either in person or online).

How did they get my email? Or more importantly, why do they think I care about their sales?

Some companies do it better. Amazon sent me an email saying the video game I've been looking at is now on sale. Threadless sent me an email saying the t-shirt I voted for is printed and on sale.

Others are very, very bad at it. I got an email about powertools from some company I've never heard of. I got an email about accessories for iPhones (I have a Samsung). I got an email about PS4 games on sale. I have no interest in any of these things. Why am I getting emails about them?

I understand that email marketing is an important form of marketing, especially when you're selling stuff online. I get that. But why are you sending mass emails to people who don't care? All you've done is lost me; I unsubscribed to each one.

Don't send mass emails unless you know I care. If you bought my email from someone and I have no recollection giving it to you, then odds are I don't care. You might get some interest, but you're probably pissing off way more people than you're selling to.

And for the love of God - make sure there's an unsubscribe button on your email so I can get rid of you for good.

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